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How to update to iOS 8 | iOS Update

iO8 codenamed Okemo is your iOS firmware version and is the latest update until now since June, 2014. It has had four updates to the iOS 8 version since then. The 1st update is iOS 8.1 codenamed Taos, the 2nd update is iOS 8.2 codenamed Zurs and currently runs in a beta version. The 3rd update is iOS 8.3 codenamed Stowe and is also now in beta and the latest and the fourth update iOS 8.4 is codename Copper which is undergoing the testing phase at Apple Inc. Apple has added

Apple has added new features to this iOS Firmware version as it now have new apps like Continuity, QuickType, Extensibility, Health, Family Sharing and the iCloud Drive with major improvements for Photos, Messages, Spotlight, and more. Updating to iOS 8 is also necessary if you want to use the latest features of the iCloud Drive as it only allows this version to upgrade to iCloud Drive. Basically, updating to iOS 8 can be done in two ways.

How To Update to iOS 8 wirelessly with an Internet Connection?

  • Before you start your update to iOS 8, make sure that these few things are in order.
    1. You must have backed up your iOS devices to iCloud. Backing up your files to iCloud does not take long. This is because an iOS update will wipe all your files that you hold on your iOS devices.
    2. Second, you have a good working internet connection and that you are not connected to the internet via your phone’s hotspot.
    3. Also, make sure that you have some good amount of free space left on your Apple device as the iOS update would require you to download the iOS firmware version before you can install it into your device.
  • When the above three steps are cleared, plug in your Apple device to a power outlet because you won’t know when the iOS 8 update will finish and if your phone switches off during the update, it would need to be restarted again.

    ios8 software update install

    ios8 software update install

  • Tap Settings > General > Software Update on your iOS device which will open the download window for the latest iOS software that your iOS devices can be updated to.
  • To continue your ‘How to update to iOS 8’ step, you would need to tap on the ‘Download and Install‘ option.
  • Tap Install and then you would need to enter your passcode of your iOS device.
  • Sometimes, how to update to iOS 8 can be prevented if the VPN or proxy connections as your ISP can block the iOS update servers.
  • In such case, you can use iTunes to update your iOS version.

How to update to iOS 8 using iTunes?

  1. First and foremost make sure you are using the latest version of the iTunes. If you are not, update your iTunes app on your PC or Mac.
  2. Run the iTunes app and connect your iOS device to your PC or Mac.
  3. Select your device on the iTunes Panel.
  4. The summary pane will be displayed on your iTunes. There, you can simply click on the ‘Check for Update’.
  5. If your iOS device can be updated to the latest iOS update, an update will be automatically recognized and a pop-up window will appear.
  6. Click on the Download and Update button and agree to all terms or conditions that Apple would ask you in that step.
  7. Lastly, enter your passcode on your phone to unlock and continue the update.
  8. Please be reminded that you do not in any way remove the connection between your iOS device and iTunes during your iOS 8 update. This is to make sure that your update goes smoothly.

how to update to iOS 8

Basically, there are two ways on how to update to iOS 8 can be achieved. Both are very simple and does not take a lot of effort to carry out as it is not rocket science. However. make sure that all the precautionary measures are taken before you go on ahead with the steps on to update to iOS 8.