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How to Restore Data from iCloud

iCloud is a cloud storage service provided by Apple specially for the Apple users. But anyone can sign up for the iCloud account for free and get the 5 GB of cloud storage for free. The basic concept of the iCloud is to be able to access the data and files that are stored in iCloud from anywhere and from any device you want. You have to log in with the same iCloud account from all your Apple device (iPad, iPod, iPhone, Mac) and you can make access you files, data, photos from any device you want. Whenever you make changes to one device, the same changes will be made to another device automatically.

So with the advanced techniques, iCloud users do not have to worry about their data being lost. Even the deleted data can be restore easily.

How To Restore Data From iCloud ?

The first step is to go to icloud.com in your browser and log in with your Apple ID and password. Once you sign in, click the Settings icon from the launch pad page.

That will re-direct you to the iCloud Settings page, which contains all the information about your iCloud account, a list of the devices that are signed into your iCloud account, and, way down at the bottom of the page, under Advanced section which provides options for restore of backup capabilities.

Here’s what you can fix and restore

    • Files: When you remove a file from iCloud Drive, whether you do it by dragging it out of iCloud Drive on your Mac or by deleting it from within an app on your Mac or in iOS, iCloud saves the file for 30 days it is deleted automatically permanently, much like the way deleted photos are stored in the Recently Deleted album in the Photos app. Select the files you wish to put back into their respective iCloud Drive folders and click Restore to have them reappear in your iCloud Drive. Files shows the days remained before deletion. After that time, they will be permanently deleted.

    • Contacts: iCloud keeps track of when you make changes to Contacts and stores an archive of that data from the day before. iCloud retains these archives for about a month. If you have messed up your contact list on your Apple device, then you can restore them from an earlier day’s version: click Restore to the right of the archive you wish to restore. Note that restoring an archive restores the contacts on all of your devices (remember, the truth is in iCloud, not on your devices). Your current contacts will then be archived so that you can get them back if you need it. If you are confused, which one to choose then just check the date of the archive contact on the list.


    • Calendars and Reminders: Like Contacts, iCloud notify you whenever you make changes to your calendar events and reminders and stores an archive of your Calendar and Reminder data as they were on that day before you made any modifications. Also like Contacts, iCloud retains about a month’s worth of Calendar and Reminder archives. Select Restore by the entry for the Calendar and Reminder archive that you want to restore; doing so replaces that information on all of your iCloud-connected devices. Keep in mind, however, that calendars and reminders can be shared with others, so restoring from an archive has a couple of side effects: any shared calendars and reminders will have to be shared again, and any pending calendar event invitations you have sent out are removed and new invitations issued in their place.


  • Bookmarks: iCloud makes it easy to share the same Safari bookmarks and reading lists among all your devices, and it stores changes to those on a daily basis when you modify them on any device. As with Contacts, you merely need to click Restore by the bookmark archive you wish to have replace the bookmarks and reading lists on your iCloud devices (you have the previous month’s worth of archives to pick from). And, similar to Contacts and Calendars, the replaced bookmarks and reading lists are archived so you can restore those if necessary.


If you have nothing to restore, then it will show the message accordingly. Please remember that, use this restore option only when you need it. Restore and playing with you backup and deleted data might be frustrating if done wrong.