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Create Slides & Presentation With iCloud Keynote

The iCloud keynote is the web based work suite environment developed by apple, we can find various similar features as power point in apple keynote. The iCloud keynote provide some dynamic work environment while preparing slides, there are many things to be appreciate such as its fine user interface, quick function of the button and overall efficient according to its purpose.

The keynote has some cool features from which you can draw different shapes and make them according to the topic requirement. The synchronization is the main features of theicloud, it allows you to sync all your information in your different apple devices. if you bought the music from iTunes, it will automatically download that on your device. Then it will automatically upload them into icloud.com. Since keynote is the web application you also add and manipulate various synchronized document there. The initial version is running fine till this date, there no such thing called bugs and in the similar year they also released the next version of keynote with some additional features the include some small but missing in the previous one. The workflow in keynote is completely uninterrupted and once you locate all you need they come up with higher efficiency.

Keynote for iCloud is supported on newest versions of Safari and Google Chrome along with IE9 or later. So now you can access iCloud Keynote on your PC, Chromebook, and on a Mac which does not have Keynote. What you can do is create your presentations and publish them directly via web-browser, or open any presentations on your MacBook or iPad that are synced to www.iCloud.com. If you want to, you can even share those presentation which means the other people and view the presentation and even edit your presentation if you have allowed it.

If you have an iCloud account, it’s certainly free to use. You can just sign up for an Apple account or iCloud account if you don’t have one already. Go on to iCloud.com from web-browser and login to your Apple ID.



Creating a New Presentation

On the iCloud.com dashboard, tap on the Keynote icon in order to get started. If you already have created presentations by using Keynote, you will see the Keynote Overview with all the presentations. Tap on any one of them to view and emend it online. You can even import presentations that you made in Keynote on another device or even in PowerPoint along with other apps to create presentations.

To create a new presentation, click the Create Presentation icon on the topmost left corner of your presentations list. This is open the Theme chooser where you can choose between regular & widescreen presentation themes. Widescreen option is most recommended if you are presenting your presentation using a Television or directly via computer.

You will be able to use iWork, Mail, Calendar, Notes apps, iCloud web apps and others if you have an iCloud or Apple ID.

Note: Unfortunately, there is no way you can sign up for an iCloud account if you do not own an Apple device. If you still want Keynote without buying a device, and don’t own any Apple devices, you could perhaps create an iCloud account from your friend’s device—or from the Apple store.