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Tips & Tricks To Free Up Space On Your iPhone

Your iPhone is a great device to use. It has a lot of interesting features. You can get 5 GB free iCloud storage space if you sign up. The only bad thing about iPhones is that you cannot upgrade the storage. You are stuck with the inbuilt memory space. Now, if iPhone did not capture High Definition pictures and videos, the inbuilt memory is enough. Thus, will show you how to free up space on your iPhone. This will help you the get the best out of the inbuilt memory in your iPhone.

How to Free Up Space on iPhone?

You can now delete those inbuilt apps from your iPhone. This only works in iPhones having iOS 10 & later. To do so, just keep on that app on hold. You will then see a tiny cross on the App’s icon. Simply tap on that cross and it will delete the app. You can reinstall it from the App Store.

You should also delete those apps you are no longer using. For instance, if you no longer play or use an App that you downloaded. This way you can free up some space on your iPhone.


It is also advisable to store images and videos on your laptop or computer. Just keep those that you require. You can always transfer these files to and fro. You can also store it on Google Photos which is a free app on the App Store. Make sure your pictures are under 16 Megapixels and videos 1080 HD. Then, you will be limitless storage space on Google Photos.

You should also delete Data from your iPhone. You should delete data like Pages and  documents. Just go into Settings > General > Storage & iCloud Usage > Manage Storage. You will be also be able to see how much space those documents and files are taking. Likewise, clear away Cache, browser histories and files like that. This can help to free up space. You can also delete Offline data that you have used of which you might have saved for later reading.

Your messages and mails can also take up a lot of space on your iPhone. Hence, go into mail and delete those mails that you do not require. Your iMessages can now be deleted in batches. Hence, if those messages are not useful, delete them all.

You should turn off the Photo Stream on your iPhone. This will automatically sync those photos you might have on your Windows or Mac PC through the Photo Stream. Although, they are not high defined pictures. They might however take up a lot of space once they accumulate. Don’t share the Photo Stream if you still are adamant on turning it on.  This will also pull their pictures to your iPhone. To turn off Photo Stream, go to Settings > Photo & Stream. Deselect My Photo Stream from there.


If you use HDR mode, don’t keep both pictures. Using this mode will create two version of the same picture on your iPhone. If you have an iPhone that has a good camera, keep the HDR version of that picture. To make sure the normal photo gets deleted, go to Settings > Photos & Camera. Deselect the Keep Normal Photo option. The HDR mode is best when you take pictures that includes bright shadows and lights.

If you have spare change of $24.99-a-year, opt for iTunes Match. This way, media files wouldn’t take up space on your iPhone. You can listen to the tracks you own online on the cloud with iTunes match account. You then can keep a minimum of only your favourite tracks to listen offline.


Additionally, you can delete your Old Podcasts. You should also not save original photos from your Instagram app. This is for users who love using the Filters on Instagram. Run the Instagram app, tap the Profile icon. Then, tap on the Options icon on the top right corner. Turn off Save Original Photos from the Options menu. You could also delete old voicemail messages that might have gotten saved to your phone.

Optimise your iPhone’s storage space by using iMyFone Umate. This is an application you download and use on your Windows and Mac PC. To use this, you need to plug in your iPhone. It will show you what you can delete to optimise more free space on your iPhone. It will also compress pictures from your iPhone and save the original to your PC. There is a free trial for this application. The annual fee is $19.95 for the full version of the app.