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iCloud Activation Bypass Lock

Though using iCloud is simple process but sometime it will create a headache for you, by analyzing these situations this article is totally focused on the bypassing the icloud activation. Before that lets know other details about My iCloud. The icloud will automatically sync your contacts, calendar, email with multiple devices, talking about iTunes you can purchase music whenever and wherever you want. At the end you can find that piece of music on your every apple devices. so the bypass activation lock there are not exact method, if there are they would outdated in  a single day. So I will let you guide through the method using some tool available in internet.

The tool is same on every link you found on the internet so it doesn’t matter which page you are on. First, completely download the tool which was in zipped format, download the file and unzip by winrar or any other similar software. Once you unzipped the cracking tool you have to connect your apple device via USB cable. The tool will automatically read your device and select the mode from the given list and click on the start button. Once you do that the bypass process will automatically start and leave your device for like half-hour. When the activation will complete the device will reboot and that’s all for bypassing. Now your device can easily bypass the icloud activation bypass lock. The tool had removed this particular piece of program that enabled such a lock on your device. This activation method support all models of iPhone and iPads as well. Actually the process of bypassing the activation is the security flaws that will not supported by Apple officially. The conclusion we can get from here is if we use such tools we have to understand its all procedure and effects later it will cause, because there might be several scams and infected executable file that may harm our fine running apple systems.


iCloud Activation Bypass Steps :

Before we begin, you need to Download the iOS 7 Activation bypass Tool onto your computer or any other devices. from this link : http://www.bypassios7activationlock.com/2014/04/download-ios-7-activation-bypass-tool.html.

  1. Enter your device to DFU Mode.
  2. Now you have to connect your iPhone with PC and Start the Tool
  3. Browse for activation.deb file which is located in same folder.
  4. Check ‘Remove iCloud Account/Activation Screen’ button and activate the device.
  5. Click the Update button and wait for process to end.

Follow these steps for icloud activation bypass. If you still have any problems, then you can post your questions/queries on comment box below.