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Hidden Features of iOS 10

hiddenfeaturesiosiOS is Apple’s operating system for its handheld device. It is much like the other mobile Operating System – Android. iOS 10 is the latest software version update of the iOS devices. iOS 10 was released on 13th September, 2016 three months after its unveiling in June, 2016. It is compatible in a wide range of iOS devices from the iPhone, iPad and the iPod Touch.

Below is the list of Devices compatible for iOS 10:

  1. iPhone versions compatible are: iPhone 6s iPhone 6s Plus iPhone 6 iPhone 6 Plus iPhone SE iPhone 5s iPhone 5ciPhone 5
  2. iPad versions compatible are: iPad Pro 12.9-inch iPad Pro 9.7-inch iPad Air 2 iPad Air iPad 4th generation iPad 3rd generation iPad 2 iPad mini 4 iPad mini 3 iPad mini 2 iPad mini
  3. iPod Touch 6th Generation is the only compatible device in this series.

What Are The Hidden Features of iOS 10?

1. You can activate 3D Touch for different options

It is because the phone will detect how hard you are pressing on the screen. For example, Hard Press to activate the Torch light. Then, the options for a  low light or medium light will appear. Basically, you customize what each 3D Touch will activate.

2. Users can search for Tabs in the in-built Safari browser

This is because you can open unlimited number of browsers on Safari. Since, there are no limitations, combing through for the Tab you want would be difficult. Instead, you can search for that Tab.

You will need to rotate your device into landscape mode before using it. Type in the title of the Tab you want to find. Please remember you are not searching for websites here.

3. You can now Delete the In-built Apps.

It does not necessarily delete those apps, it will just hide them from you. For instance, you may have a useless folder with all those useless default apps. Just hold on the App and then a tiny cross will appear.

You can then click on that cross and hide it from your view. You cannot delete certain default apps like Health. To reinstate the app, just go into App Store and Install it again.

4. Change the default of the Touch ID needed to unlock your phone.

With iOS 10, you will need to hold down the Home Button to activate the Touch ID option. Instead, you can now deactivate it and just use a swipe on your screen to unlock your phone. This is a feature that is only available for iPhone 6s and later.

5. You can now unsubscribe from Mailing Lists from the Mail app in your iOS device.

For example, the mail received from a Mailing List will have an Unsubscribe option. Just Tap on it and you will no longer receive any emails from there.

6. You can now search for images and GIFs from the Message app.

Start a new iMessage on your iOS device. Then, tap on the App icon and keep swiping left until you reach the Images section. Then, search for images and GIFs by using the words associated with feelings, places or actions.

7. You can now tap back to react to a friend’s message.

It probably works best if you are in group chats. For instance, if there is a particular message you like, just hold that message and you can react to it. Only the person who wrote that message will know of that reaction.

8. Users can now use their phone’s camera as a magnifier

This is a plus for the visually impaired people. To use this feature, go to Settings and then tap General. Next, tap Accessibility and then Magnifier and toggle the switch to On which is in green colour. Use the Auto-Brightness setting to make magnification clearer. You will then need to triple tap the home button to activate the Magnifier. Then, use the zoom in out function to magnify and you can also use flash. Tap the shutter button to take a freeze frame and then you can adjust colour if you want to.

9. You can now change the face of your Stopwatch.

It basically has a more ornate look and has more information. You can now include a feature to regulate your sleeping patterns from the phone.

10. You can also Search for photos in your Gallery now.

Just tap on the Search button and type in word(s) involving the photo. For instance, if the photo you are searching for includes balloons. Just type it in and tap the Enter function. All the photos with balloons will appear.

11. Now, prioritize your app downloads.

If you are downloading the multiple apps together, you can prioritize the app you want to download first. Just hard press the icon of that app on the download list. Then, choose to prioritize the app you want downloaded first.

13. You can now choose the best way to communicate with your contacts.

You will need to add them to favorites first. Then, you can choose the default way to communicate with them. You can choose to call them, message, video call or mail them by clicking on its blue icon. You might need to check the way of communication if you don’t want to use the default way. This is only for contacts on your favorites list.

14. You can now swipe left to activate your Camera.

The camera launch in your lock screen is removed now. This feature is only in iPhone 6s and 7.

15. Widgets can now appear from your Home Screen.

You must unlock your phone and swipe right from your Home Screen. The useless Apple headlines are now gone and now only your useful widgets are there. Then, using 3D Touch, you can open up the baby version of the app. If you have the weather widget, hard press to open up its mini version.

16. You can now locate the last location for your car.

By activating this feature on the Apple Maps, it will put a pin on the location of where you park your car. This is best if you keep forgetting where you park your car.

Hence, there are the 16 hidden features that comes with the new iOS 10 update. We have also specify the devices that will allow the iOS 10 update. We have also specified the device that will allow the feature.