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Dropbox Vs iCloud

Dropbox and icloud both are based on cloud computing technology that offers different cloud based storage and manipulation services. The dropbox was launched in 2007 by the two young entrepreneurs from MIT. The initial concept is based on folder synchronization and remote access of your folders from different devices using single dropbox account. Later they expanded service by adding other features. In order to use a dropbox service the dropbox client application should have to installed in the computer, where the application will automatically create the separate folder allowing you to drop various files over there. The most talked topic these days is Dropbox vs iCloud.


So later the folder will synchronized with your dropbox account and you can view, edit your file from anywhere you want with different computing devices. On the other hand icloud is the apple based cloud computing and storage technology launched later on 2012. The icloud is almost same with dropbox in some sense, but both have some distinct features totally oriented on their mainstream company products. The apples also integrated its existing services such as iTunes into the iclouds. The icloud.com is built focused on apple devices, yes we can run this service in devices from different manufacturer but the key is its features are completely compatible only for apple devices. The thing is, you should have the bit of idea on how to use iCloud and other cloud storage services.

We can compare these large vendors in different scales and their efficiency, it is obvious that the old player is dropbox who initiates this concept and we can call dropbox as the parent for iCloud. They both consist some advantage and disadvantages such as icloud is very easy to set up initially than dropbox. Talking about performance, Dropbox come first whether its downloading or uploading speed and apple is little conservative in this matter. Next thing is, security which is chosen topic to compare these two giants. They have almost same security mechanism to protect their huge cloud based database, both use different forms of encryption to secure it. Sharing is now considered as important feature, in case of icloud it does not allow to share with other devices. Also the link are not made public, whereas dropbox it does hesitate on do that . you can share folders based on dropbox on Facebook and other social media networks. The icloud has other strong parts that makes it popular among its user. Besides file sharing and cloud storage service, iCloud is the place where you can find all apple based services and their synchronization with its different devices.