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How to Sign Out of iCloud ?

iCloud is a cloud storage provided by Apple Inc for iOS users. iCloud is used to store files in the virtual cloud space provided by Apple Inc. The system of iCloud enables to sync their iOS devices too through the iCloud if they use several devices. This will make sure contacts, files and images get shared by that same over several devices.

iCloud also helps users in the case of lost devices or damaged devices. By using the same Apple ID, they can get back old information even on their new iOS devices. However in the case of users selling their old iOS devices, they need to know how to sign out of iCloud. This will make sure that the exchange of users do not clash the syncing of files to the iCloud server. You can disable any iCloud account easily.

How to Sign Out of iCloud:

  1. Go to “Settings” of your iOS device, its icon can be located on the Home screen of your device.
  2. When the Settings appear, scroll a little down until you see the iCloud button.
  3. Tap on it to open the iCloud menu where the details of your synced settings will appear.
  4. Look to the bottom and locate the ‘Delete Account‘ which you need to tap on.
  5. A pop-up will appear where three options will appear but you will only need to select one.
  6. Tap on the ‘Delete From My ……..’ which can be your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  7. Then the ‘Deleting’ Animation will appear so don’t do anything else on your device.
  8. Finally, all your data will erase and this is how to sign of iCloud on your iOS device.
  9. Remember, doing so will not permanently delete information stored on the iCloud server.
  10. You would have to physically delete information from the iCloud server itself to do so.
  11. So, be assure that this method on how to sign out of iCloud will not backfire on you.
  12. When you get your new Apple device, use your old Apple ID to login to iCloud.
  13. You can then sync all your uploaded files which is on icloud.com without a worry.

On how to sign out of iCloud on your web browser, you need to click on the Down arrow. This arrow is located next to your Apple ID username on the top right corner. A Drop down menu with the Settings and Sign Out option will appear. Click on Sign out for the iCloud Sign Out if you wish to log out of the iCloud site. Doing so will allow you to use several iCloud login on one PC, Laptop or Mac.