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iCloud Photo Library | Online Photo Storage

With the release of iOS 8.1 Firmware version, the iCloud Photo Library was one of Apple’s major feature that was showcased. You can access all of your synced photos and videos to iCloud on all your iOS devices. The new feature has now removed the 30 days or 1,000 photos for your online photo storage on iCloud.com. You can also create a shared album which you can invite your family and friends to add pictures and videos.

Features of the iCloud Photo Library:

  1. When you upgrade to iCloud Photo Library, all of your photos will get stored online and not in albums. Videos will be in separate folders and Favourites will display your favourite photos and videos on the iCloud.
  2. The iCloud Library supports the following file formats for your photos and videos and they are – .jpeg, .png, .raw, .gif, .tiff and .mp4.
  3. If you happen to accidentally delete your picture, you can restore your picture within 30 days of deletion by contacting Apple Support. Specify your reason which is deleting your image accidentally and you will receive the Help you need.
  4. Please take note that your device has iOS 8.1 or higher to enable the use of iCloud Library.
  5. To be fully warned, iCloud Photo library is still in its beta version.

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How To Enable or Use iCloud Photo Library in Various Devices?

  • For your iOS device, go to your Settings > iCloud > Photos & Camera. In Photos & Camera, tap to toggle on iCloud Photo Library. Note that a Toggle On indication will be the toggle switch turning green.iCloud Photo Library
  • On www.iCloud.com on your PC or Mac, sign into your ICloud account by typing in your email address and password of your iCloud Login. Click on iCloud Photo Library to access ‘All Photos’ of your synced photos and videos.
  • Apparently, Apple hasn’t launched the application for your Windows or Mac and it will only be launched in the later half of the year.
  • You can upload your photos and videos manually by going to iCloud.com followed by upload on the top, select the photo you wish to upload and click on OK. To simply prevent your photos to sync on other iOS devices click on Settings > iCloud > Photos and disable the Upload to My Photo Stream option on your specified iOS devices.