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Create iCloud Backup Storage

iCloud backup is a backup method for specially for iOS users. It provides an easy backup solution for the customers who want to backup their Apple devices wirelessly. Initially, every Apple ID owner gets 5 GB of storage capacity. If anyone is willing to pay more, then they can upgrade their iCloud storage for more backup space.

Using this iCloud backup, you can create a back up to iCloud, restore from an iCloud backup, use iTunes to backup and others. You will be able to create a backup without tethering your computer. iOS device backup includes data which are stored in your device excluding contacts, calendars, notes, mail messages, bookmarks, etc. iCloud backup is made for all the Apple users. iCloud backup storage is best suited for those Apple users who don’t own a Mac or a PC. If you want iCloud to create your backups automatically rather than manually, if you don’t don’t connect your iOS device to a Mac frequently, then the best choice for you would be iCloud Backup.


Create iCloud Backup Via iPhone :

  1. Tap Settings icon.
  2. Go to iCloud.
  3. Tap Backup. If you are using iOS 7 or earlier version, tap Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup.
  4. Make sure iCloud Backup toggle is on. If not then, tap on that to turn on.
  5. Tap Backup Up Now from the bottom.

These are the steps for creating iCloud backup. But how about restoring your iOS device to resolve all the issues?

Restore from iCloud Backup :

  1. Go through iCloud Setup Assistant.
  2. There are 3 options to choose from : Set Up as New iPhone, Restore from iCloud Backup and Restore from iTunes Backup.
  3. Select Restore from iCloud Backup.
  4. Then select a backup.

Another way to do it i.e. restore from iCloud backup are :

  1. Connect iOS device to a computer with your backup in it.
  2. Download or install the latest version of iTunes.
  3. Choose File > Devices > Restore from Back up.

You can even use iTunes as a backup method to restore your content from iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad. As mentioned earlier, you can always upgrade your iCloud storage. iCloud storage cost for up-gradation varies from country to country.

iCloud Photo Stream

When used My Photo Stream, if taken photo from one device, it appears on all of your other devices automatically that photos you would be able to share with your family, friends and colleagues.

For using iCloud Photo Stream, you would be needing an iCloud account and devices that are compatible along with an up-to-date software.

  • IPhone, iPad or iPod touch is required with iOS 5.1 or later.
  •  Mac with OS X Lion with v10.7.5 or later is essential for using in it Mac.
  • PC that has Window 7 installed or other later updated version is must.

Easy steps to turn on My iCloud Photo Stream:

  • For turning on My Photo Stream on iPhone simply go to setting and icloud and you see photos there, then turn on My Photos stream.
  • For Mac, you go to system properties > iCloud then there you find a check box which should be checked for photos.
  • For using it on PC, open iCloud control panel on windows and select a check box that shows photos. Make sure you click Apply when you are done verifying check-box is enabled for My Photo Stream.

You don’t have to worry about whether My Photo Stream uses storage on iCloud or not? It doesn’t for sure and it supports photo formats like JPEG, PNG, and TIFF and mostly it accepts RAW photo formats. Note that, My Photo stream does not work with video.

icloud photo stream

As soon as you enable My Photo Streaming and sharing on your devices, all new photo that you take and import through other devices would be uploaded automatically but you should have your devices connected with Wi-Fi, Ethernet Connection. And the photo you upload to My Photo Stream are stored in iCloud for 30 days with plenty of time to connect or download them manually.

Deleting photos from iCloud Photos is same way as you delete other photos from your Mac or other iOS devices. You just have to select the photos you want to remove and simply tap on the trash or click delete. On PC it is even more than simple, you just have to select the photo you want to delete, right click it and then select delete. As soon as you delete photo from one of your device, iCloud will also delete it from in less than a second from My Photo Stream album. ICloud automatically upload all your photos to My Photo Stream album which is created on your computers or iOs devices and manages them accordingly so that you won’t run out of space.

If you don’t like using My Photo Stream and desire to turn it off on an iOs device then all the images in My Photo Stream are deleted or removed but images that are stored in My Photo Stream on your other devices are not affected at all. Any images you add to My Photo Stream are saved on icloud server for about 30 days from the date you added itself. If you are using same ‘Apple ID’ those all photo are automatically downloaded to the device you are using. Better save any photos you would don’t like to lose before turning off My Photo Stream. iCloud Photo Streaming and Sharing is best known for iCloud photo backup.