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iCloud Hack Torrent

Last few months of 2014 did not have much dull moments. Apple’s iCloud being hacked was one of the big news then. A hacker or the group of hackers calling themselves as “Pr0x13” released a password hacking tool called iDict in GitHub website which could break into any iCloud account and gave access to the victims iOS devices.

Apple’s iCloud security feature faced immense criticism, when a number of gorgeous Hollywood celebrities were on the news after their nude photos were leaked on the Internet. The celebrity nude photos leak scandal included top celebrities; Kim Kardashian, Vanessa Hudgens, Jenifer Lawrence, Rihana, Kristin Dunst , Kate Upton now Selena Gomez. Well, I wouldn’t exactly say all of us hated the leak, but that was a massive blow for Apple. Somehow the world renowned company’s security feature seemed extremely vulnerable.

While it did prove that Apple’s iCloud security infrastructure had a major flaw, but most of the hacks were caused due to the carelessness of users using easy passwords like “1234567”, “iloveyou”, “abc123” etc. iDict is a simple tool which only contained a list of 500 word long list of possible passwords worldwide. So, it is by no means a guaranteed hacking tool. However, most of the users tend to use the simplest of passwords and suffer. Users will need to use rather stronger passwords and use two step authentication codes while accessing their accounts.

Pr0x13 did reportedly announce that the primary purpose of leaking the celebrity nudes and releasing the tool was not just to create scandals, but to alert Apple to fix the vulnerability in their security infrastructure. And the scandal seems to have been working too, as Apple released updated i OS soon after and has been reported to have been working to make their security feature stronger.

Being human as we are, although the leak of celebrity photos did scare us a bit, but there are people who enjoyed it just as much. It was like a dream come true, and don’t be judgmental, why wouldn’t it be? Hollywood might just be the closest thing to heaven there is.

For those of you, who are curious about the kind of photos leaked, for educational purposes let’s say, here is the link for iCloud hack torrent. https://torrentz.eu/a6442a7ca24e8b796481fffa2f3959cab5f41a3a