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iCloud Greyed Out

You might sometime face a weird problem with iCloud, you might have iCloud setup on your iPhone but when you go into the settings menu and try to use it is greyed out and doesn’t work. We have found out some simple steps that can be used for turning it to normal like before.

How to fix the “iCloud Greyed Out password” Problem?

Password for icloud are stored in your data in an encrypted container inside your Documents & Data section of iCloud. If this was turned off, Password won’t be able to use iCloud. So, it is really must to check whether it is off or on.

To enable the iCloud sync in Password, you will need to turn on Documents and Data on your iOS device and after that click on iCloud’s Settings.


For turning on Documents and Data for iCloud just follow these steps:

1. Go to the ‘iOS Settings’.

2. Scroll down until you see iCloud and tap on it and follow further steps.

3. Make sure that the iCloud account on top is exactly as same as on other iOS devices you have. And Now, scroll down until you see Documents and Data and tap on it.

4. Now you just have to Tap on “off” to switch it’back on.

Note : If you want Password to sync your data across the cellular networks, turn on Use Cellular here to enable the iCloud sync. If you are not connected to WiFi, then cellular network automatically transfer documents and data along with other needed information.

Watch your monthly data usage as enabling this can increase your data usage and charges might apply depending upon data carriage.

5. Now, Password is ready for you to turn on iCloud!

Now you can use your iCloud and after following all the above instructions, your iCloud account is no more greyed out. Even if there is problem regarding iCloud greyed out and others, then you can refer to other articles from this site or go to the SUPPORT section of the iCloud’s official website.