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iCloud Download | iCloud Free Download

Icloud is the storage service developed by Apple from where you can share photos, music and other files from the computer PC to other Apple devices.

ICloud app can be downloaded online. To download it, the users will first need to create an iCloud account using the Apple ID. After creating an account, follow the steps below for icloud download and install iCloud in your computer.

  1. Open you web browser and open the link https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT204283.
  2. Generally, it gets automatically installed after downloading. If it do not gets installed, then open the File Explorer and then open iCloud Setup.
  3. Now you will need to restart your computer.
  4. Open the iCloud for Windows application.
  5. Then sign in into iCloud by using your Apple ID.
  6. You will be provided with the list of various types of files. Select the types of file that you want to update in your other devices.


After downloading and installing the application in your computer, you can transfer or share a photo from PC to iPhone. You can also share or transfer the files from your iPhones to the personal computer. In the File Explorer of the application, the folder “iCloud Photos” is provided. By transferring the various photos to this folder, you can automatically transfer those photos to your iOS devices and when you take any photos from your iOS devices the photos will be automatically transferred to the “iCloud Photos” folder in iCloud application.

Various files and folders can also be transferred from the PC to the iOS devices. When you upload or transfer any files or documents in “iCloud Drive” of the application, it can be shared with your iOS device.

When your Apple devices like iPhones, or iPods gets lost, you can restore the lost files, documents and other data easily through iCloud.