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How To Use iCloud for Android Devices ?

iCloud is a cloud computing service which is provided by Apple Inc. You can use iCloud on your Apple devices. But can you use iCloud for android devices? You may think that it cannot be done at all. But iCloud is available for Windows PC and even on Android device.

Users have been accessing iCloud for Android devices using many tricks since the iCloud is launched.


How to Use iCloud for Android

Good news is that if you own another Apple device, you’ll get 5GB of free storage for iCloud. If not, don’t worry, you can access their storage plans (for a price).

I will be assuming that your Android phone supports CalDAV and CardDav protocols. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Find out the iCloud server hosting your account
    • Go to “Calendar”
    • Click on the sharing icons
    • Select ‘Public Calendar’
    • This will re-direct you to webcal://pXX-calendarws.icloud.com
    • Remember that pXX is the server number – it could be P01, P22, etc
  2. Set up Email
    • Using your Android phone, go to your email client
    • Create a new IMAP account
    • Type in your email address, but use your Apple ID as the username and your iCloud password as the password
    • Enter the server number that is mentioned in step-1  where you see the server URL (pXX-imap.mail.me.com)
  3. Sync Contacts
    • Go to your contacts settings
    • Type “pXX-contacts.icloud.com” as the contacts server
    • Select ‘Use SSL’
    • Enter your iCloud username as the username and your iCloud password as the password
  4. Sync Calendars
    • Go to your calendar settings in the calendar app
    • Enter “pXX-caldav.icloud.com” as the calendar server
    • Select ‘Use SSL’
    • Type in your iCloud username and iCloud password on the username and password field respectively, as in step 3.

These are the steps that you need to follow carefully if you want to use iCloud for android device.