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iCloud Family Sharing

With iCloud Family sharing, family members can now share their purchases from the App store, iTunes and iBooks and it can accommodate up to six family members. With the same credit card, you can also pay for your family’s purchases or approve of your child’s spending from your iOS device if you happen to be a parent. Basically, share all your private moments of photos, videos and a calendar to stay connected to your family with family sharing iCloud.

What is Family Sharing on iCloud?

  • With iCloud Family sharing, share your purchases on the App Store, iTunes and iBooks and control your child’s spending by setting limits and boundaries in what he or she can purchase.
  • It is an app that you can install free of cost and with that you can use it to get immediate access to all already paid apps, songs, etc to your device without any hassle or extra payment.
  • Since iCloud Family sharing uses data location, you can locate your family members easily with the Find My Friends app but you can hide your location if you want to. The Find My Devices app is also another feature using data location and you can locate your devices or wipe clean all the information on your Apple device without having to hold it.
  • Set up a shared family photostream which everyone can contribute to or become an author of it.
  • Likewise, you can also set up a shared family calendar stream which you can share important events on the calendar with the whole family.


Requirements for iCloud Family Sharing:

  • Make sure you have iOS 8 Firmware running on your device.
  • You would need to be using the latest iCloud Drive which you can easily download and for instructions, you can click HERE.
  • You need to be using Mac running the OS X Yosemite or uCloud for Windows 4.0 and above.
  • Use the apps – Find My Friends 3.0 and Find My iPhone 3.1 for best results.

How to set up iCloud Family Sharing?

  1. On your Apple Device, go to Settings and click on “Setup Family Sharing”. This option will be located below your name and photo that will be displayed.
  2. You will then be given a preview of the features that you will find on Family Sharing iCloud and you can also click on the link below to get more information.
  3. To continue the setup process, tap on ‘Get Started’.
  4. If you happen to truly be the Head of the House – the Father or the Mother, tap on ‘Continue’.
  5. When you tap on ‘Continue’, you will make that Apple ID the administrator and the credit card credentials linked to that particular Apple ID will be charged for purchases done through family sharing icloud.
  6. Next, confirm to share purchases to family members included in family sharing iCloud.
  7. In the next setup, Agree to Pay for all purchases made by your family members. If you have small children, you can also setup the option ‘Ask To Buy’ which will require your sole permission before they make any purchases via this feature.
  8. You can opt out to share your Location with the Find My Friends app. However, this feature will enable you to locate family members or locate family members’ devices with the Find My Phone app.
  9. Last, start adding family members to this family sharing feature on iCloud and if your child does not have an Apple ID, you can tap on¬†“Create an Apple ID for a child”. This link can be located on the bottom of the page.
  10. Creating an Apple ID for a child will require you to enter the validation code of your credit card which you will find on the credit card’s back. Then, create an email address for your child. By default, the Ask To Buy feature will be enabled but you can set it to ‘Ask To Buy’ to control your child’s purchases. You can opt to share the information of your child’s location and click on the ‘Agree to the Terms and Conditions’ and you will be done. You will then receive a notification once you have iCloud Drive enabled on your child’s device and this will mean that your child is added to Family Sharing.
  11. Tap on Setting > iCloud > Family to see the list of people on family sharing iCloud. You can also remove anyone you want at any time by tapping on remove on his or her name.