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iCloud Goes “Green”

iCloud was under immense pressure in the past because of it’s heavy use of dirty power. In fact, iCloud was the bad guy in the technology world. Now Apple is greening the iCloud with its massive array of solar energy. Apple was even named ‘least green’ tech company. Greenspace report named Apple among worst offenders for using highly polluting coal to power their data center.

But now they claim that they are out-greening other tech companies with their huge solar farm that powers Apple’s iCloud. This iCloud’s climate change agenda is going strong these days. Apple has a farsighted plan to keep its ever-expanding empire green but it has few loopholes. This solar farm is said to be the biggest privately owned array alone in the United States. After converting all of its data centers to a clean energy, Apple is preparing itself to use solar power to manufacture sapphire screens for the iPhone 6 at Arizona. This whole idea is projects like this one is going to push utility companies such as Duke Energy to clean up their game.

icloud goes green

Total of about 55,000 solar panels are tracking the course of the sun from a 400,000 square meter field across the way from Apple’s main data center in Maiden were not in the frame seven years back when Duke Energy and government officials tried to lure Apple Company to establish the data center in North Carolina. Duke Energy seems to be the biggest in the business because it is set out to attract not only Apple’s iCloud but other big companies like Facebook and Google. It is still the biggest question whether Apple will be able to operate entirely off the grid. iCloud needs backup which means much more energy though on bright sunny day, the solar farm produces excess amount of energy.

This is also the competition and clear race between tech giants on making its mark by the use of renewable energy sources. Google uses renewable energy to power about one third of it’s data centers. On the other hand, Microsoft also announced ¬†that a second wind farm in Illinois to power it’s own data centers. Not only that, even Facebook claims that its new Iowa data¬†farm will run totally off wind power from 2015. Seems like this battle is making Earth a better place to live in. The competition of iCloud is not only between Dropbox and other cloud storage service providers, but the whole tech companies.