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iCloud Website Typing Errors

iCloud.com is the official site of Apple’s cloud service i.e. iCloud which is very popular among North American resident. There are lots of other icloud storage service providers such as SkyDrive, Drop Box, etc. Normally, when someone wants to go to the icloud’s website, either they directly type in icloud.com onto the address bar or search in Google.com with certain keywords.

While people are searching with some keyword, they tend to make typing errors. It is called ‘Typo Errors’. Some sites like Facebook and Google itself keep those things on mind and they re-direct some of the common typing errors onto their site. For example: No matter if you mistakenly or deliberately type googel.com instead of google.com, you will be re-directed to Google. But you cannot make mistakes in other sites. You should be careful while searching for specific things. Do not make spelling errors if you can. Here are some of the top typo errors for icloud that I have managed to list:

  1. icloud.moc
  2. icloud.dom
  3. icloud.omc
  4. cloud.com
  5. iclud
  6. icloud com
  7. icloud.co
  8. iclou
  9. iclouds
  10. i clod
  11. icloud.comm
  12. iclloud
  13. icoud
  14. icloud.comcom
  15. iclous
  16. icliud
  17. icloid
  18. icloud.cim
  19. icloud.con
  20. icloud.om
  21. iclous.com
  22. icloud.vom
  23. icloud.cpm
  24. i cloud.com
  25. iclouds.com

These are some of the typing errors that people commonly make while trying to go to icloud’s official website or searching on Google. Among these typo errors, the most common ones happen to be iclou, iclou.com, icloud.cpm and others. Mostly, these typo errors occurs if someone doesn’t know the spelling or if mistakenly press the other key instead of the right one. For example: iclous.com instead of icloud.com because the character ‘s’ and ‘d’ lies side by side in keyboard.

What to do in case of this?

  • Just check out for the suggestions given by the Google if you have made a mistake. ‘Did you mean?’ or ‘Showing results for’ are the common things that you will see.


Like shown on the image above, you can look out for the real result just by clicking on the ‘icloud’ keyword.