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iCloud For Android Platform Devices

Generally, iCloud is the collection of different application , programs and data which provides various range of function. By default all I cloud accounts have 5Gb of storage capacity, within that application, music, photos do not count. They are also held in a synchronization for one user with multiple devices, so it acts as a system and storage tool. On the other hand the android is the Google based open source operating system targeted for the pocket devices (mobile phone, tablet etc). From the official point of view, theiCloud is only for the apple users only in order to synchronize their multiple devices. But however we can use this service in our android devices as well with help of some changes in settings and online application. And iCloud for Android is not a alien-thing anymore. We all know that apple has limited number of user. They only hold 10 %of market share based on their product, so it is obvious that left 90 % are looking for (not all) to use this service as well. Through this article we will provide some light on tricks and method that will let you use the icloud service even if you are android user

Its already clear that the icloud is not available natively for android user, to get this first we have to find server and chooses according to device’s compatibility and its functionality.


Setting Up iCloud For Android

The first thing would find the server that host your icloud account. To do that you can go through calendar , click on the icon and you will see the address like pxx.calenders.icloud.com. the pxx contains the number that is your server name and note it down

Now create IMAP email account , you can just through your regular email client. Once your email is ready enter you mail address, apple user id and password. The server would be in the format pxx.imap.mail.me.com. Now you are done with server gateway.

To synchronize your iCloud calendar and contacts, first find out what protocols that your phone have, if it doesn’t then you have to download apps like cardDAV which allows free synchronization. Once it is completed then use pxx.contacts.icloud.com as the contacts server. Select “ssl” and you can use the iCloud email as ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ as the password for icloud.

Now you must have the general idea on using iCloud for Android platform devices of yours. These are the perfect answers about how to use the services on the cellphones that are not of Apple Inc.