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How To Use iCloud?

iCloud is an Apple Inc. cloud storage and computing service which allows its user to store data such as music, data, photos and applications. It was launched on October 12, 2011 but within July 2013 it was successful to increase its user upto 320 million users. This cloud based service mainly provides the service to wirelessly back up our iOS devices to iCloud instead of using iTunes.It is the easiest way to manage content forĀ our device. We can store contacts, documents, notes, reminders, bookmarks, applications, music, videos, calender and photos etc. It also helps to back up our settings and data on our iPhone, iPad and Mac. It always makes your daily backup whenever you are connect to the internet service.Every new account gets an 5 GB of free storage and if that is insufficient then we can purchase additional 10, 20 0r 50 GB storage.

how to use icloud

Using an iCloud is not a very hard thing to do. We can easily learn to use iCloud. For having an access to iCloud you must have an Apple Id. It also requires an iOS device operating iOS 5.x or latest version or a Mac operating OS 10.7.2 “Lion” or latest version than that for creating a new account. If you have an apple device then iCloud takes care of everything. Though many people has heard about the cloud storage and all, most of them do not know how to use iCloud properly.

How To Use iCloud & For What Different Purposes:

Music, Movies, Apps

We never know what we wanna listen or watch an latest episode of our cartoon series, want to install a new application so with the help of iCloud, anything you buy in iTunes store, the App Store and iBooks is automatically update at the very moment . We can also review our past purchases from any of our devices. And it makes an rememberance of what you have left in the middle.

iCloud Photo Sharing

With the help of iCloud, We can invite our friends and family to see the photos and videos we want to and they can also add their own photos.We could comment as well and everything is kept up to date in all the member’s device .

Find My iPhone

Most important feature that iCloud has got is find my phone feature.It makes harder for anyone who steal it or found it. Turning off Find My iPhone or resetting the device requires your Apple ID and password.

iWork and iCloud

iCloud has services like iWork and iCloud so that you can create new documents or edit existing ones and any chances we make will automatically updated in the iWork apps on our iOS devices.

Apps and iCloud

iCloud works behind the scenes to keep our apps up to date.We can start composing a song on our iPhone and finish it in Our iPad or MAc.

These are just the basic things that you can do with the help of iCloud. How to use iCloud storage depends on the job that you are looking to be done.