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Apple Introduced New Video Sharing App ‘Clips’


Apple has announced the new app called Clips. It was unveiled alongside a range of new products including a red iPhone 7, cheaper iPad and larger iPhone SE to little fanfare. Apple’s Clips is a new iOS app for making and sharing fun videos which you can make even more interesting with text , effects, graphics, etc. Creating your own video clip is simple. You can just record it on the spot or you can even choose a previously recorded video from your gallery.

The officials from Apple has said that Clips will be available on the App Store for free for every users from April 2017, and will be compatible with the iPhone 5s and later models, plus a number of iPad models. Clips includes similar features and filters included in apps like Snapchat, Instagram and Prisma and allows users to share videos directly to their social networking accounts like Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo.

Live Titles lets you easily create animated captions — just by talking as you record. Choose from a large collection of styles, all perfectly timed to the sound of your voice. Its like a combination of Vine and Dubsmash but in a good way.


Let’s see how this new Apple’s Clips does in this competitive market where these multi-functional video sharing apps are being introduced every other month. Apple , however is doing something different here combining all the good things from all the other popular apps such as Instagram photo sharing ability, prisma’s editing, dubsmash recording function, snapchat’s story creating quality and others.