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Apple Watch Release – Fashion or Necessity

Combining fashion with technology, the people at Apple Inc will be releasing the Apple watch or the iWatch. The apple watch release is slated to be on the 9th of March, 2015. There will be three editions of smartwatch apple that will be released during the apple watch release. There are the Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport and Apple Watch Edition and the basic apple watch price is going to start from around $400.

Features of the iWatch:

  1. To make the iWatch durable, it is going to be made of a sapphire crystal display which will be of a stainless steel construction.
  2. It will have its own customizable interface where one can integrate it into their iPhone and you can simply personalized it to your own use.
  3. For any special occasions you might have, you can create an entry in your iWatch and you will get notified as the apple watch will vibrate on your wrist so you will never forget again.
  4. An array of materials will be available for the band of the iWatch and they include 18-karat gold for the Apple Watch edition, leather and a rubber polymer.
  5. However, the Apple Watch will require you to have an iPhone for it to function.


Things to know before its Apple Watch Release

  • The 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition might get its apple watch cost starting from around $1200. However, the apple watch cost of the Apple Watch Sport edition is yet to be released.
  • The Watchkit for developing apps for apple watch has already out before the apple watch release.
  • A website has already launched three apps for apple watch using the iOS developer tools and has released three beta versions before the apple watch release.
  • The apple watch is going to be available in six different colors to choose from when the apple watch release.
  • Even before the apple watch release, the apple watch has already won an iF Design Gold award making it one of the 75 products to get picked out of the 1,624 recognized products for its gold designation.