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Apple App Store – Download Exciting Apps

Apple app store, simply put, is an online storage unit for different kinds of application for Apple’s iOS devices. Each smartphone devices run on different operating systems are provided with individual application store by the company. Likewise, Apple’s application store for its range of smartphone devices is called app store, which is present in all iOS running devices indicated with the letter A inside a blue box. For downloading apps from Apple app store, you need to have your own Apple ID


As Apple app store is strictly for iOS devices, such as iPhone and iPad, and all applications in the app store are targeted at the various features of the devices, the specific attributes of the devices include motion sensors for game controls, camera for online video calling and so on. Apple is not however, the manufacturer of apps present in the app store. It is pretty obvious too, for one company – as grand as Apple is, to develop millions of apps in different genres is close to impossible. Other than the applications in Apple apps suite, each app is designed and published by individual manufacturers.  All revenue regenerated through the apps published on app store are then distributed between the app’s publisher and Apple, with Apple getting the 30 percent and 70 % for app’s publisher.


Cost of the applications in the app store varies from app to app. While some apps are available for free, other apps can only be installed after paying a certain fee. To be able to download any application from the app store, you must be logged in with your Apple user ID. The applications in the app store consists of countless genres and apps designed for those specific genres. Gaming applications, email clients, office based client applications etc. are few of the examples of applications available in the app store.

As, in this day and age, there are apps for just about everything, whether it is for drawing, funny noise, social network, funny music, pocket edition of hi-tech games and so on. App store can be accessed in all iOS devices, iPhone, iPad and iPod. Applications in the Apple app store can also be downloaded on desktop pc or MAC via iTunes, also offered by Apple inc.