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Codenamed Monarch, iOS 9 is the latest update to Apple’s mobile operating system. The news was released during the Worldwide developers conference 2015. iOS 9 is only available to developers for now. Those interested developers can head to to sign up. Not to worry, a public beta will release soon in July.

What devices will iOS 9 support will probably be the most asked. For iPhone, iPhone 4s, 5, 5c, 5s and iPhone 6 and 6 Plus. iPad 2, 3 and 4 and iPad Air and iPad Air 2 will be supported. The 5th generation of iPod Touch is also supported. However, iOS 9’s multitasking feature will be limited to newer devices.

Features Included in the new iOS 9 Update:

  1. You will get a Search Option in your settings. This will help those users to get to that Option immediately.
  2. Siri is now available in a British Accent. No, this is not asking Siri to look out for a British accent. She will be turning British in the latest update.ios 9
  3. Siri will be in silent mode along with you. That means she will respond in text responses. This will help if you are in places like the Movies or a Library.
  4. The Low Power Mode is a beauty. During the Worldwide developers conference, engineers explained how it will work. You can disable motion effects and animated wallpapers. Or stop background app refresh. Then, enable your Mail to fetch from Push. This will increase your battery life by that few extra hours.
  5. With a Bluetooth Keyboard and iPad, you can now do more. You can now quickly switch between apps on your iPad. This will be enabled by the Command-Tab switcher. For their apps, developers can build custom keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts can be built by the usage of command, option, or control keys.
  6. Finally, there is a physical app for your iCloud drive in your Apple devices. The app will be hidden but you can unhide it in iOS 9. You can do so by turning it on in iCloud’s settings.
  7. Andriod Switching is so much easier. With the Move to iOS app, transfer all your data easily. Now, Andriod switchers have one less trouble on their hands.
  8. Passcodes are six digits now. This is response to the security flaws of the previous system. So, at some point, users will have to switch to using it. Or else, they will be locked out of their own devices.
  9. Get phone calls and texts to preferred devices. This ability will enable you to block calls to your iPad. Or text messages to your desktop. Then, you can completely block or turn off certain machines.
  10. Apple Pay gets activated by double pressing the Home button. This will prevent accidental credit card popups which can happen. This will help to stop any unnecessary interaction with an NFC unit. It is so because this unit could be unequipped with Apple Pay.

These are some of the features that will be with iOS 9. However, there is more to be revealed. Public update and download for iOS9 beta is to be out soon. If you are not ready for iOS9, there is the iOS 8.3. You can read about it in this link –

iOS 9 Beta

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