iOS Provisioning Portal for Developers

iOS Provisioning Portal is an app development center for iOS. For those programmers who are interested in app development for iOS, they can sign in with the Apple ID and access additional resources in the iOS Dev Center. is a special website for those who are interested in becoming an Apple developer. Anyone can enroll in an Apple Developer Program and get everything you need to develop and distribute your apps.

Under, there is a special iOS provisioning portal for developers from where you can access additional resources in the iOS Dev Center. There are 3 different development centers in iOS provisioning portal i.e. iOS Dev Center, Mac Dev Center and Safari Dev Center. Developers can find all the development resources they need during iOS app development such as documentation and videos. They can even download complete developer toolkit or toolset for building iPhone, iPad or Mac apps. Some of the tool-sets include:

  • Xcode IDE
  • iOS Simulator
  • Performance Analysis Tool
  • iOS SDKs
  • Lates OS X


Log In Steps for iOS Provisioning Portal :

  1. Go to iOS Dev Center.
  2. Click on the Sign In button or ‘Log In’ link from the top-right hand side of the page.
  3. Either way you will be landed in the Developer Log In page.
  4. Enter your Apple ID on the first field.
  5. Type in your Password on the next one.
  6. Hit Sign In button to continue.
  7. In case your forgot your Apple ID or Password, then click ‘Forgot ID or Password?’ link at the bottom.

Unlike iTunes, iCloud or, you can create a new account if you do not have one. Just click on the Register button for that. Every big companies have their own developer center. iOS dev center is a place for iOS developers who are able to create apps for iPhone, iPad and other Appple devices. This is to encourage new talents and developers so that they can be a part of iOS developer center.

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