iCloud Storage Cost

iCloud is an online storage provided by Apply Inc. Literally, like its name, it store all the data like contacts, photos, calendar, music, apps, books on cloud. For storing all the information and data you need certain amount of space regarding how huge are your data. We are trying to provide you some information about iCloud storage and cost that you have to pay for using iCloud.com.

icloud storage cost

After you sing up for iCloud, you get 5 GB free storage automatically. As told earlier, iCloud storages are used for Backing up your data and document on the cloud. If you run out of storage because you have to save huge data then you can apply for more space and easily upgrade to a larger storage plan. iCloud storage might really be essential for those who do not want to lose any of their important data or document. Storing on iCloud is good choice made from any kind of loss , or theft. Apple’s iCloud storage is cent percent secured than storing on any other online storage available these days. Apple’s iCloud assure you and guarantees you for the data stored on it’s online storage.

Here, on the table below are provided detailed cost for various countries with storage information for 10 GB, 20 GB and 50 GB respectively. Once you upgrade your storage, they are annually billed.

In any countries where local currency are not supported, in that case U.S. dollars are charged as storage upgrades.

iCloud Storage Cost Lists

australia flag
AUD $21.00 $42.00 $105.00
canada flag
CAD $20.00 $40.00 $100.00
china flag
CNY ¥128.00 ¥256.00 ¥640.00
denmark flag
DKK 120,00 240,00 600,00

Euro 16,00 € 32,00 € 80,00 €
hong kong flag
Hong Kong
HKD HK$ 150.00 HK$ 300.00 HK$ 750.00
iceland flag
USD $25.10 $50.20 $125.50
india flag
INR Rs 1100 Rs 2200 Rs 5500
indonesia flag
IDR Rp 190ribu Rp 380ribu Rp 950ribu
israel flag
ILS NIS 80.00 NIS 160.00 NIS 400.00
japan flag
JPY ¥2,000 ¥4,000 ¥10,000
mexico flag
MXN $240.00 $480.00 $1,200.00
new zealand flag
New Zealand
NZD $25.00 $50.00 $125.00
norway flag
NOK 140,00 kr 280,00 kr 700,00 kr
russia flag
RUB 650 p. 1 300 p. 3 250 p.
saudi arabia flag Saudi Arabia SAR SR 75.00 SR 150.00 SR 375.00
singapore flag
SGD S$ 25.00 S$ 50.00 S$ 125.00
south africa flag
South Africa
ZAR R160.00 R320.00 R800.00
sweden flag
SEK 150,00 kr 300,00 kr 750,00 kr
switzerland flag
CHF CHF 20.00 CHF 40.00 CHF 100.00
taiwan flag
TWD NT$ 600 NT$ 1,200 NT$ 3,000
turkey flag
TRY 35,00 TL 70,00 TL 175,00 TL
united arab emirates flag
United Arab Emirates
AED AED 75.00 AED 150.00 AED 375.00
UK flag
United Kingdom
GBP £14.00 £28.00
USA flag
United States
USD $20.00 $40.00 $100.00

Table Courtesy : Apple’s Support.          

Payment for iCloud storage upgrades can be made through credit cards, debit cards and also with iTunes store credit. For upgrading iCloud storage, Apple store gift cards are not accepted in any case.

For those, unwilling to pay for extra price, you can also reduce the amount you use of iCloud storage. For more support regarding how to reduce and manage your data properly. Click Here and find out the more.

Note to remember: According to your requirement you can change your iCloud storage plan any time. All you storage upgrade are billed until you cancel your upgrading storage plan from your iOS device, Windows computer or Mac. iCloud storage cost differs from countries to countries and you have to pay additional sum of money for icloud storage upgrades.

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