iCloud Spam Filter For Filtering Junk Mail

Apple’s iCloud uses techniques like dynamic lists, trend analysis, content filtering, etc in order to detect junk mail and block them to reach your iCloud inbox. Even if they claim to be spam-free and junk-free, it is not 100% effective, some of the spam mails will end up in your inbox. So what to do in order to avoid all this? iCloud spam filter is one of the best options to stop your inbox getting polluted with spams and junks.


The first and foremost thing is that if you think any message may be a junk, just don’t open it. Most of the time spam and junk mails come with things like discount coupons, offer coupons, lottery ticket, charity, etc. You can know by the quality and even the subject of the iCloud email. The innocent act of opening a questionable or suspicious email is alerting the spammers that their message was received and being read in an active email account. So they are more encourage to send more junk mails. Do not even think about opening those kind of email messages. Delete or just send it to a Spam folder. iCloud junk¬†filter is one of the best technique to get rid of all these spam and junk emails.

Mark Junk using iCloud Spam Filter:

  1. In case of iOS 7 or later versions, open the message, tap the flag icon at the bottom. Then tap Move to Junk.
  2. In OS X, select the message, click the thumbs down icon in the Mail toolbar which is for Junk folder.
  3. In case of icloud.com, select a particular message, then click on the flag icon and choose “Move to Junk”. Alternatively, you can just drag a message to the Junk folder in the sidebar.

This is how you can use iCloud spam filter to send emails into spam folder and block email address as a Spam. There are lots of other ways to prevent your account from lots of spams and junk mails. One of the best alternative ways is to use iCloud email alias. What icloud email alias does is hide your real email address and shows different one to those who receive your emails.

Another thing that you can do to get rid of these spams is to report junk mails. iCloud spam filter won’t let you do that. So for this you can do it manually. Forward a message as an attachment to spam@icloud.com.

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