iCloud Setup On Your PC, Mac and iPhone

iCloud is simply an online storage that stores contacts, mails, calenders, music, photo and much more on could. You can also use this on you Windows PC for accessing your data. iCloud setup is pretty easy if you have done it before.

iCloud setup on Windows PC:

For setting up iCloud on your Windows PC, you need to have following mentioned minimum system requirements:

1. Microsoft Windows 7 and above.

2. Microsoft Outlook 2007 or an up-to-date  browser that can be (Firefox, Internet Explorer or even Google Chrome)

3. Broadband Internet Access.

If you are sure to meet all the system requirements on you PC, you can directly download iCloud for Windows by simply clicking this link http://support.apple.com/kb/DL1455 and entering download button on the page your are redirected to.

Once you finish downloading, now install the iCloud control panel for Windows and follow the steps provided below:

Step 1: Turn iCloud on. After you turn on iCloud, you can see the space for entering ‘Apple Id’ that you used to create your iCloud account. That’s for iCloud login. Check the iCloud services you want to enable on the small box and click apply.

Step 2: You can also enable automatic download for your desired apps, books and musics. For that you just need to open iTunes and Edit on the menu part on the top select preference and click on stores check Music, Apps and Books on the box respectively.

If you are confused about the process, you can see in the image below:

icloud setup for windows

If you are done with that press ‘OK’ and you are ready to use iCloud via your Windows PC.

iCloud setup for Mac:

For setting up iCloud, you have to have latest version of OS X running on you Mac. If you want to update the latest version you can simply go to Apple menu and click on software update and find if any updates are available or not. Once you update you can follow the below process:

1. Turn on iCloud, and on click preferences on Apple menu on your Mac and enter your Apple Id and check the box for services you’d desire to enable.

2. When you finish the above process, now open iPhoto and make sure you click use iCloud button.

3. If you wish for automatic downloads, open iTunes, click ‘preferences’ and again click stores and select for Books, Apps and Music like shown on the image.

icloud setup for mac

Once you are done, click ‘OK’ button and enjoy iCloud service on your Mac.

iCloud setup on iPhone:

For setting up iCloud on your iPhone, your iPhone needs to have the latest version of iOS. Now, turn on iCloud by tapping setting icon on your Home screen and select iCloud, enter your ‘Apple ID’. Once you finish entering your ID, now tap the ‘Settings’ icon on the Home screen of your iPhone and select iTunes and on App Stores, enable Music, Apps, Books if you wish to automatic downloads. With this you set up iCloud on your iPhone. Enjoy the service on cloud.

icloud setup on iphone


All these are the iCloud setup steps for iPhone, Windows PC and Mac. Follow the above steps. If you have any problems while setting up iCloud, you can comment below.

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