Beware !! Keep Your iCloud Pictures Safe

iCloud pictures hacking scandals has spread like wildfire in the recent days. It is devastating when your private and intimate photos in your drive are hacked through and shared to millions online. This article will be focused on how the theft happened and the steps you can take to make sure that your private photos remains private.

According to apple, the theft was caused by a targeted attack on usernames, passwords and security questions, The hackers used a combination of phishing, social engineering, and using publicly known information about the target to gain access to his/her iCloud account. Therefore, celebrities were mostly the victim of icloud photo hack.


Once the hackers had their hands on the passwords, they used ‘Elcomsoft Phone Password Breaker’ to download the iPhone backups from Apple’s servers. From there, getting access to the photos were easy. Even though investigations have been going on to solve the iCloud pictures hack case, it is always better to be on the safe side. Here’s how you can stop these hacks happening to you:

  1. Using Two-Step Authentication.
    It is an additional security feature for your Apple ID that prevents anyone from accessing your account from an unknown device, even if they know your username and password. Once you set up the two-step authentication, signing in from unknown device would require a 4-digit verification code that you receive on your ‘trusted device’, which should be a SMS capable phone number. This can potentially reduce the iCloud photo hacks.
    To set up the two-step authentication:

    1. Go to ‘My Apple ID’.
    2. Select ‘Manage your Apple ID’ and sign in.
    3. Select ‘Password and Security’.
    4. Under Two-Step Verification, select ‘Get Started’ and follow the instructions.
  2. Transferring your photo to computer.
    1. Set your iPhone to ‘Airplane Mode’.
    2. Turn off ‘iCloud backups’ from the ‘Settings’.
    3. Turn off ‘Photo Stream’.
    4. Connect the iPhone to your computer.
    5. Launch a program like ‘Image Capture’ that can read the camera roll.
    6. Transfer your images to your computer.
    7. Then, use the program to delete the images from your iPhone.
    8. For extra layer of security, put your images into an encrypted .dmg or .zip file.
  3. Managing Photo sync feature.
    Photo Sync, by default, is enabled once you activate iCloud in your devices, so that photos snapped from your iPhone, for example, will be available in your computer via your iCloud account on Apple’s server. Therefore, even if you delete your photos from your iPhone, they will still be stored on your iCloud. Disable the iCloud photo stream and sync feature if you just want your photos in your one device. And, if you like to permanently delete/move photo, you might want to check your iCloud too. So, no photos in your iCloud, no iCloud pictures hacks.

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