Steps to Access iCloud Photos from your PC

File sharing is easily done when you sync your iOS devices with iCloud especially when they are purchases made on your iTunes or your App Store. You can sync your iPhone and iPad to your iCloud account to share the data among all of your iOS devices efficiently. You can also sync your photos to the iCloud photo stream and with that you can access those iCloud photos you have uploaded on your Desktop too.

How to Access iCloud Photos from your PC:

  1. When you have opened your web browser, please enter this link: This will direct to another site where you can download the iCloud Control Panel to use on This iCloud Control Panel will enable you to control and edit your iCloud photos on your desktop.
  2. In order to download, you would have to click on the blue “Download” button and wait to finish the downloading process.
  3. To start the installation, click the .exe (executable file) of the downloaded file. You can find the downloaded file at the bottom of your browser or in your Default Download file folder on your Desktop.
  4. After the installation has finished, you can find the program’s shortcut icon on your desktop or the Start Menu of your desktop.
  5. Launch iCloud by just clicking on its icon in the Start menu or on your desktop.
  6. You will have to enter your Apple ID in the given field.
  7. Enter your associated password in the password input field.
  8. Then, open iTunes.
  9. To check for iCloud photos, click on the My computer in your Start menu.
  10. You will now be able to see that a new category has been added in the My Computer menu ie; the ‘Others’ category which will now have the iCloud Photos menu.
  11. Finally, click on this Others category to access your iCloud photos on your PC.

Also with the newly released iCloud Drive, you can be assured that the sharing of your photos and videos with people is real easy. These people then can view the photos and videos that you have shared on iCloud easily. For this, you would need to create a shared album and your friends and family and they can also be invited to add their photos and videos. Then, all those photos and videos can be stored to the iCloud on your Desktop or The photos and videos contents will be available on all platforms and you can access them from any Apple device you are using and on and you can read about the functionality of the iCloud Photo Library HERE.

Using iCloud photo library, you can keep your photos and videos organized into across all your iOS devices and even on the web. All your photos would be automatically uploaded in the cloud storage of your iCloud account and every change you make to your photos are uploaded to iCloud and will be made visible on all other iOS devices.

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