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iCloud Beta is the Beta version of iCloud which is a free cloud storage space provided by Apple Inc’s to their users of their Apple Devices i.e; iPhone and iPad. iCloud Beta however can also be used by people without having to own an Apple device and get a free Apple ID (iCloud Beta Version). This is one way for Apple Inc to reach more people who do not own their Apple devices and with iCloud Beta, users will get to use iWork for free too.

beta icloud

  1. To start using iCloud Beta, you need not have to first have an Apple ID. Without owning an Apple device, you can create a free Apple ID at the web address – http://beta.icloud.com.
  2. On the Home page of iCloud Beta, a banner ad prompting you to create a free Apple ID to start using the Beta version of iCloud.com.
  3. On that banner ad, click on the ‘Create your free Apple ID and get started today’ link for starters.
  4. Clicking that link will prompt the ‘Create Your Apple ID’ popup window to appear.
  5. Making sure that it is a valid and working email address, type in your email address (someone@email.com) in the box provided.
  6. Type in your desired password for your Apple ID login at beta.icloud.com. Re-enter your password to confirm it.
    • Make sure that the password contains at least eight characters, has at least a numerical digit and uses Uppercase and Lowercase Letters.beta icloud
  7. In the Name boxes provided, fill in those boxes with your First Name first and your Last Name second.
  8. Next, fill in your birthday (mm/dd/yy) details in the box provided.
  9. After selecting the First Security Question, provide a suitable answer in the box provided. You also would be required to do the same for the next two other security questions.
  10. Choose your country of residence of your current occupancy (for e.g. United Kingdom).
  11. You can leave the box unchecked next to the two other Options where you would be asked to receive emails and updates from Apple Inc. Or you can simply leave them checked if you are interested.
  12. The verification code will be provided to you in an Image form. Please type in whatever you see. If the verification code in an image form is illegible for you, you can listen to the audio verification code. Enter that verification code you hear.
  13. Click on the ‘Continue’ button to carry on creating your free Apple ID on iCloud Beta.
  14. Finally, you are all ready to start using the Beta version of iCloud.com and use iWork for free on beta.icloud.com.


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