How Does iCloud Work?

iCloud is the web based computing service provided by apple to its registered users. This technology is based on cloud computing which enable the users to access their data and application remotely without storing in a local device via internet. Before we proceed further first we have to understand the term “cloud computing”, in a general sense all data (documents, music, pictures) and different programs with different working purposes are stored on “cloud” by users and service providers as well.  In metaphorical sense the term “cloud” represents the group of powerful computers and servers that provide instant response to that kind of service users. That means we are only provided with a fine interface to perform various computing activities and these group of powerful computer provides fuel to it. But the question is – How does iCloud work?

how does icloud work

Basically, iCloud is the collection of different application , programs and data which provides various range of function. By default, all icloud accounts have 5 GB of storage capacity, within that application, music, photos do not count. Only the camera roll photos, account information, application data and settings counts

In order to use icloud, user must have an running iTunes account and compatible devices like iPhone, I pad, macbook etc. once it was enabled or updated in a compatible device ,the data is automatically uploaded to the users icloud account and downloaded to the other compatible devices. They are also held in a synchronization for one user with multiple devices, so it acts as a system and storage tool.

How Does iCloud Work Actually?

For Emails , calendars and contact

All the contacts and email accounts are synchronized in different device once you uploaded to icloud, we can browse and update from anywhere, and it also provides backup to our every content. It is also similar with  the case of calendars entries. It also provide the different version of web email , calendars and address books which are also accessed through browser itself once it updated

For documents and photos

After having  icloud account we can create and edit document from anywhere with different compatible devices, also we can use third party application to perform these changes. Apples page, keynote and other number of application include this features. By using the feature called photo stream, photos taken on a device are automatically uploaded to icloud and shared among other compatible devices

For iTunes

It is already the most popular features when it comes to music. so once we purchase a new songs first  it download the songs on local device and then it automatically sync across all compatible devices for the same user via icloud

iCloud requirement

  • Ios 5 or higher
  • Itunes 10.5 or higher
  • Ipad or higher
  • Mac os x 10.7.2 or higher

We can increase our storage capacity in iCloud if we have large volume of data and application, for this we can buy anyone of the following packages based on our requirement. Here are the normal iCloud storage cost:

  • 10GB – $20/year
  • 20GB -$40/year
  • 50GB -$50/year

All the are the basic thing why people use iCloud and how it really works. If you want to know more on how cloud computing works?, then you can read more about cloud services.

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