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iCloud Email Vs Yahoo Mail 2015

There are various types of web mail service available via internet. Yahoo mail, Google mail, and Hotmail are some of the web based mail service.

The Apple users are made available with separate mail service. They can enjoy the mail service by using iCloud mail service. There are many differences in the mail service by iCloud and Yahoo mail. The difference is briefly explained down.

Web mail service by Yahoo

Yahoo mail service is offered by the American company Yahoo with email storage capacity up to 1TB. Unlike iCloud mail, the service is available on every smartphones and different computers. You will only need to have an account in Yahoo to use the service.  The website is very attractively designed. You are provided with the panel that includes inbox, inbox, sent, spam, trash and other system folders, and a list of email in the right side of the selected folder. You can also add preview panel. It helps you to browse and read the inbox messages at the same time. The site offers more functional buttons than iCloud mail site. It offers far more features as compare to iCloud mail. The website to login into Yahoo mail is


Web mail service by iCloud

The service is available on the Apple devices such as iPhones and iPhone. You will need to use your iCloud account to use the email facility. You can also access your Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo with iOS but iCloud mail service is only available in iPhone and iPads. The service is very easy to use. You can use the service by using the application available in your smartphone. The mail site is designed in very simple way. It is easily understood by everybody. You can see the page in three-pane view. The on the left side, emails and folders are provided and the inbox list is available at the middle side. On the right side currently selected email can be seen. You cannot customize the screen. The website to access iCloud email is  This mail site offers less functional options as compare to Yahoo.

All in all, they both i.e. Yahoo mail and iCloud email has their own features. If you want to want to see the more comparisons such as iCloud drive vs Dropbox, then  follow the articles from our website.



IPhone Celebrates 8 Years Anniversary

One of the most popular smartphones iPhone was designed by Apple Inc. it has been 8 years when Apple introduced its first iPhone in the market. Steve Jobs was the person who came with the vision of iPhone. 8 years ago on June 29, 2007 first iPhone was introduced by Apple. Before launching the phone in the countries like United Kingdom, France, Germany, Portugal, Austria, and Ireland in November 2007, the phone was first introduced in United States. As iPhone was introduced, the revenue collection of Apple Company increased each year.

In the very first year of coming into the market, it dominated the other mobile phones such as Nokia, Blackberry, Sony, and Motorola. iPhone included the feature of multi-touch screen facility from its first product. Before iPhone, there were no full screen mobile phones. Half of the mobile phones were covered with the keyboards. The mobile phone user were not able to open the full website in the mobile phones. So, the companies had to make a separate versions of their sites with no good quality.


iPhone has come a long way as it introduced the latest version of iPhone as iPhone 6 plus. It has been always updating its features in every versions. All the latest versions are introduced adding the new features improving the old functions. In the last 8 years, iPhone has introduced ten models of iPhones. During those years, it has introduced from the iPhone 3G and iPhones 3GS to the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus which is packed with new iOS 9.

Before, the customers had to pay $599 for the 8 GB model. Later in September 2007, Apple decreased its price. Then, customers had to pay $399 to purchase the phone. It was too expensive than the today’s iPhone price. Today the customers have to pay $199 as a starting price to buy the product.

Just one day after Apple celebrated the 8th anniversary of its first iPhone, it launched the Apple music in music market. It might provide big competitions to the music players like YouTube, Spotify, Pandora, Google Play Music and many others.