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iCloud Beta | Free iCloud Account

iCloud Beta is the Beta version of iCloud which is a free cloud storage space provided by Apple Inc’s to their users of their Apple Devices i.e; iPhone and iPad. iCloud Beta however can also be used by people without having to own an Apple device and get a free Apple ID (iCloud Beta Version). This is one way for Apple Inc to reach more people who do not own their Apple devices and with iCloud Beta, users will get to use iWork for free too.

beta icloud

  1. To start using iCloud Beta, you need not have to first have an Apple ID. Without owning an Apple device, you can create a free Apple ID at the web address –
  2. On the Home page of iCloud Beta, a banner ad prompting you to create a free Apple ID to start using the Beta version of
  3. On that banner ad, click on the ‘Create your free Apple ID and get started today’ link for starters.
  4. Clicking that link will prompt the ‘Create Your Apple ID’ popup window to appear.
  5. Making sure that it is a valid and working email address, type in your email address ( in the box provided.
  6. Type in your desired password for your Apple ID login at Re-enter your password to confirm it.
    • Make sure that the password contains at least eight characters, has at least a numerical digit and uses Uppercase and Lowercase Letters.beta icloud
  7. In the Name boxes provided, fill in those boxes with your First Name first and your Last Name second.
  8. Next, fill in your birthday (mm/dd/yy) details in the box provided.
  9. After selecting the First Security Question, provide a suitable answer in the box provided. You also would be required to do the same for the next two other security questions.
  10. Choose your country of residence of your current occupancy (for e.g. United Kingdom).
  11. You can leave the box unchecked next to the two other Options where you would be asked to receive emails and updates from Apple Inc. Or you can simply leave them checked if you are interested.
  12. The verification code will be provided to you in an Image form. Please type in whatever you see. If the verification code in an image form is illegible for you, you can listen to the audio verification code. Enter that verification code you hear.
  13. Click on the ‘Continue’ button to carry on creating your free Apple ID on iCloud Beta.
  14. Finally, you are all ready to start using the Beta version of and use iWork for free on


iCloud for PC – Setup iCloud for Windows

iCloud is a cloud storage space that allows you to store contacts, calendars, photos, music, books, apps and more. iCloud is a free cloud storage space although you can pay to increase the cloud storage space. You would have to authorize the upload sync which will happen automatically between your iOS devices and iCloud. iCloud can be accessed on the web browser on However, there is also the desktop application of iCloud you can use. iCloud for Windows is a free application you can download to your PC.

How to Download iCloud for Windows?

  1. On your PC, open your web browser which can be either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.
  2. You can run any browser that is installed on your PC. Just make sure you have a working internet connection.
  3. Then, in the address bar, type in iCloud for Windows and hit Enter.
  4. This will automatically cause the search engine associated with your browser to search.
  5. Now, a whole list for downloading iCloud for Windows will appear. You can do so on such sites like or
  6. Please remember that the download of iCloud for windows is free. If you are asked for credit card details then it is probably an internet scam.
  7. Or you can go directly to this link – scroll a little on that page to get to the ‘Download Now’ link.
  8. Click on the ‘Download Now‘ link to continue.
  9. You have to make sure you select the correct language first. The option is located on the left corner of your screen.
  10. iCloud for Windows is available in 27 different International languages.
  11. Click on ‘Download‘ to continue and this will prompt an automatic download.
  12. It will take some time to download the iCloud app on Windows as it is 70 MB in size.
  13. When it has finished installing, click on its .exe (executable file) to run an installation. When your installation is complete, run the iCloud program.

download icloud for pc

How to Setup iCloud for Windows?

  1. Make sure iCloud for PC is running.
  2. Make sure you have an Apple ID or an iCloud Login.
  3. Type in your email address and password of your iCloud Login and click on the Sign In button. This will be prompted automatically when you run the iCloud for PC.
  4. When your iCloud Login details match, you will be asked to select the iCloud services you wish to activate. Select the iCloud Services you wish to enable and click Apply.
  5. When you enable iCloud for PC, you will be enabling automatic downloads to iCloud.
  6. This new changes will create new files and folders. They will appear on all your synced iOS devices and iCloud for PC.

icloud for pc

Once you have downloaded your iCloud for PC and learn to use it more efficiently, you can add more features to it. One big step you can take is downloading the iCloud Control Panel which will allow more control of iCloud.

Video Tutorial

Steps to Access iCloud Photos from your PC

File sharing is easily done when you sync your iOS devices with iCloud especially when they are purchases made on your iTunes or your App Store. You can sync your iPhone and iPad to your iCloud account to share the data among all of your iOS devices efficiently. You can also sync your photos to the iCloud photo stream and with that you can access those iCloud photos you have uploaded on your Desktop too.

How to Access iCloud Photos from your PC:

  1. When you have opened your web browser, please enter this link: This will direct to another site where you can download the iCloud Control Panel to use on This iCloud Control Panel will enable you to control and edit your iCloud photos on your desktop.
  2. In order to download, you would have to click on the blue “Download” button and wait to finish the downloading process.
  3. To start the installation, click the .exe (executable file) of the downloaded file. You can find the downloaded file at the bottom of your browser or in your Default Download file folder on your Desktop.
  4. After the installation has finished, you can find the program’s shortcut icon on your desktop or the Start Menu of your desktop.
  5. Launch iCloud by just clicking on its icon in the Start menu or on your desktop.
  6. You will have to enter your Apple ID in the given field.
  7. Enter your associated password in the password input field.
  8. Then, open iTunes.
  9. To check for iCloud photos, click on the My computer in your Start menu.
  10. You will now be able to see that a new category has been added in the My Computer menu ie; the ‘Others’ category which will now have the iCloud Photos menu.
  11. Finally, click on this Others category to access your iCloud photos on your PC.

Also with the newly released iCloud Drive, you can be assured that the sharing of your photos and videos with people is real easy. These people then can view the photos and videos that you have shared on iCloud easily. For this, you would need to create a shared album and your friends and family and they can also be invited to add their photos and videos. Then, all those photos and videos can be stored to the iCloud on your Desktop or The photos and videos contents will be available on all platforms and you can access them from any Apple device you are using and on and you can read about the functionality of the iCloud Photo Library HERE.

Using iCloud photo library, you can keep your photos and videos organized into across all your iOS devices and even on the web. All your photos would be automatically uploaded in the cloud storage of your iCloud account and every change you make to your photos are uploaded to iCloud and will be made visible on all other iOS devices.