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What Are the iCloud SMTP Server Settings?

SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) is a set of protocols used for sending emails between servers. SMTP is an outgoing mail server whereas IMAP is known as incoming mail server. So what are the iCloud smtp server settings? The very first thing that you have to do is check whether the mail is changing to old one & iCloud SMTP server settings means the iCloud mail settings for email addresses such as,, or


In iCloud mail setup choose IMAP instead of other choices like MobileMe or .mac as a type. On the field where it says “Description”, put a unique name or you can just use of existing email address.

Basic Information of iCloud SMTP server:

  • iCloud Mail SMTP Server Name :
  • iCloud Mail SMTP Port : 587
  • iCloud Mail SSL/TLS Required : No
  • iCloud Mail SMTP Username :
  • iCloud Mail SMTP Password : Your iCloud password
  • iCloud Mail SMTP STARTTLS required : Yes

Plus you have to upgrade your iCloud password in order to meet the new password standard i.e. 8 characters, including upper and lower cases, numbers and special characters. If you haven’t changed your password yet, then you will receive a server error message whenever you try to setup mail on your Mac.

Another reason why iCloud SMTP server settings important is, without this you cannot send mail in OS X Mail. You will receive alert message “This message could not be delivered and will remain in your Outbox until it can be delivered. The reason for the failure is : An error occurred while delivering this message via the smtp server : server name.”

  1. Choose Preferences from the Mail menu in OS X Mail.
  2. Click on Accounts.
  3. Select your iCloud Account from the list of accounts.
  4. Press iCloud Information tab.
  5. Choose your iCloud account from the Outgoing Mail Server i.e. SMTP pop-up menu.

Apple iPhone6 Curtain-raiser

Apple is set to release it’s eighth generation iPhone i.e. iPhone6 in September 19 (That’s Friday). Finally, the wait is over. All the gadget freak who are eagerly wait to have their hands one of the sleekest phone have to wait till Friday. At a special event held at Cupertino in September 10, Apple revealed the first look of iPhone6 in front of of the great bunch of tech crowds. Tim Cook, Apple’s business executive also revealed iPhone 6 Plus and iWatch at the iPhone6 curtain-raiser event.


iPhone6 is the thinnest and sleekest iPhone ever made. The competition has never been hard for new iPhone with Samsung Galaxy S5, HTC One M8, LG G3 and Sony Xperia Z3. It even outran iPhone 5S in terms of size, performance and specification. iPhone6 makes iPhone 5S look a big fat phone. Talking about the overall look of the iPhone6, the metallic body is really nice and slender. It is very much thin and very lightweight. iPhone6 is the considerable revised version of the iPhone including the entire design. With iPhone6, the squared off design is out which has been with us since iPhone4. iPhone6 is now round with slimmer body. As a matter of fact, it is just 6.9mm thin making the thinnest smartphones of the market. We can see the influence of small iPad Air in this phone. Another simple but major change on iPhone6 from the previous iPhones is the power key has been moved from the top of the handset to the right hand side. You get a separate volume keys just below the mute toggle switch on the left hand side.

iPhone6 Features & Price:

Lets get down to the business now which probably is the most-awaited one i.e. specifications and price. I hope all will be thrilled about the iPhone operating system. iOS 8, Apple’s latest platform is on the iPhone6 and iPhone6 Plus. For connectivity purpose, the iPhone 6 (and 6 Plus) sports CAT 4 LTE, which offers data speed of up to 150 Mbps & it supports LTE coverage of 20 bands. It covers 200+ networks worldwide. The one and only iPhone6 is powered by A8, 64-bit second gen processor and a next-generation M8 motion co-processor too.

iPhone6 has a brand new “Retina HD” offering for great display. It has a 4.7 inch LED back-lit display with a 1334 x 750 resolution. The pixel density of iPhone6 is as same as that of the iPhone 5S (326 ppi). iPhone6 starts at $199 for the 16GB model, $299 for 64GB and $399 for 128GB. You will have to pay extra money if you are planning to get a SIM-free iPhone6.

The most unique feature of iPhone6 is that it has integrated mobile wallet NFC payment system. Tim Cook said “We’re gonna start by focusing on payments. Payments is a huge business. Every day between credit and debit we spend 12 billion dollars. That’s over 4 trillion dollars a year, and that’s just in the United States … 200 million transactions a day. That’s 200 million times we scramble for our credit cards and go through what is a fairly antiquated process.”

iCloud Hack Leaves Actresses in Awe

The news spread like a wildfire that the hackers hacked actresses’s iCloud account and their nude pictures were leaked. On September 1, 2014 dozens of celebrities naked photos were leaked online. Kirsten Dunst, Michelle Keegan, Kaley Cuoco including Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence were victimized by the hackers. It is said to be the biggest privacy violation of the internet history.


All those photos and videos of naked actresses went viral within an hour. FBI is claiming that those whose photographs were leaked had synced to their Apple iCloud account which made it more vulnerable. But to this day, most of those websites links with photos and videos have been deleted due to a copyright claim and privacy policy. After all these scandals, Kirsten dunst tweeted something like “Thank you iCloud” as a sarcasm. I don’t think there is any fault of technology i.e. iCloud in here. Those actresses should have thought about all that before they kept those videos on their iCloud account. They are just allowing hackers to gain access over their iCloud photo stream. You never know what hackers are up to?

Even if the authorities claims that every links have been deleted and banned from the web, some of the links are still there in torrent. Actresses’ s lawyers are working harder to get them out of the web. On the other hand, Twitter is already up to suspending every accounts that published any of those leaked photos and videos.


That was the response from the actress Kirsten Dunst after the iCloud hack scandal . The man behind all this claims that there are more images after months of “hardwork” trying to access their accounts and has threatened  to release them. All those photos and videos were first circulated from a top image-based bulletin board i.e. 4chan.